Low cost International rates

Call from 1.5p per minutes

1.5p /min

1.5p /min

1.5p /min

1.5p /min

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Out of plan rates

If your allowance runs out or you use a service which isn't included, you will be charged the following

  • UK local and national (01,02,03)
    25p per min
  • UK SMS
    15p per message
  • UK Data
    12p per MB
  • Voicemail (123)
    Free of charge
  • Freephone numbers
    Free of charge
  • MMS (Picture messages)
    32p per message

Other rates and charges

  • Calls Numbers starting 084, 087, 09, 118 *
    25p per min + service charge
  • Sending premium texts
    10p to £1.50 per text
  • Receiving premium textt
    Up to £10 per text
  • Calls to personal numbers starting 070
    50p per minute
  • Calls to mobile shortcodes
    Free to £5 per minute

Service Numbers:

The cost of calling numbers starting 084, 087, 09 or 118 is made up of two parts: an 'Access Charge' and a 'Service Charge'. The Access Charge is set by Ctrl and is 25p per minute (with a minimum 1 minute charge).

The Service Charge is set by the company you are calling. These two parts are combined to give the total call cost.

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